Relaxation in Income-tax compliances amid Covid 19

Apr 24, 2020 | Posted by : Binny Nahar | Category : Blog

The Covid-19 pandemic has widely impacted most of the countries and will undoubtedly have a far-reaching impact.  Governments across the globe have announced measures to help meet the economic challenge posed by this threat.

One of the measures taken by the Indian government is to relax some of the key compliance timelines for the taxpayers so that compliances can be met and there are no penal consequences for delays which are beyond the control of the taxpayers.

We have collated all such relaxations as published and sorted the ones we feel is relevant to the Business houses.

In the first of the Series – please find below the link to download the relaxations with regards to Direct Taxes.

Please share them with your Finance and Accounts team as well. It would be usefull for them to keep track of the changes.


MITRAA – COVID 19 – Direct Tax Relaxations

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