Mitraa GCC Service

Steering Your Prosperity on the Road to Excise Tax and VAT

The increasing resources needed for the growing economies of the GCC countries has led to the introduction of the globally accepted model of Value Added Tax (VAT). The VAT Law will have a far reaching impact on the tax structure, the tax incidence, the tax computation, the tax payment, compliance matters, credit utilizations, pricing of products and reporting. Team Mitraa is committed to navigate you smoothly through the intricacies of the newly introduced VAT Law by offering a complete solution to your organization.

  • Early movers in the field of Goods and Services Tax(GST) in India.
  • The Team has conducted several seminars, corporate trainings, and are knowledge partners for software houses and head a strong compliance team.
  • The Team in Dubai, has been keeping abreast of the various provisions of the Value added Tax (VAT) Law in GCC over the past year.
  • Dubai VAT Team is manned by Qualified Chartered Accountants and Lawyers, with specialization in Statutory and System Requirements under the VAT Law.


Domains of Expertise Include


Supply Chain & Logistics

Process Re-engineering

ERP & IT Systems


Indirect Taxes


Legal Advisory



How Does VAT Work?


A Farmer grows dates which are picked and sold to a processing factory

The farmer collects VAT from the factory on behalf of the government


The factory collects VAT from the retail chain on behalf of the government. The factory receives a refund on the VAT paid to the farmer.

The factory process the dates into syrup, which is sold on to retail chains


The Retailer places date syrup on the shelves for sale to consumers

The retail outlet collects VAT from the consumer on behalf of the governmant. The retailser receives a refund on the VAT paid to the factory


Consumer Purchases bottle of date syrup