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Headquartered in Chennai, MITRAA has a rich legacy of serving clients throughout India in management, tax and legal advisory domains. We are a knowledge house and constantly endeavor to spread knowledge and act as a catalyst for positive change and idea generation. Acknowledging problems of the client and delivering timely solutions is our USP. We have among our midst domain experts who have helped with policy making, doyens of various industries who sit on the board of both for profit and non profit organisations and authors whose books are in wide circulation in academia. We have also established a library and resource center with an eclectic selection of books on a variety of topics.

The MITRAA Dialogues is a new initiative which is a logical extension of our endeavours. This is a forum where thought leaders, who are authorities in various fields, move and inspire people with innovative ideas and transfer knowledge. We would like this to be a space where a broad spectrum of topics are debated and introspected upon by likeminded people outside the ambit of social circles and formal gatherings. Apart from reputed persons in society and budding business leaders, we have tied up with AIESEC, the UN affiliated student organisation that provides young people leadership development and career skill building opportunities.

Each Dialogue is structured as a free flowing session where the invited speaker leads and facilitates a meaningful conversation rather than give a lecture. Ideally we aim each session to be 60 minutes long and can carry on a while longer when this happens in an organic manner. The first two dialogues were with an academic and a mindfulness master from the USA and Singapore respectively and the next dialogue which is in early June will be with a top film critic.

If you would like to be invited for the next dialogue, please e-mail us at

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